women's bikini fitness competition – women's bikini fitness competition

women's bikini fitness competition – women's bikini fitness competition

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According to medical treatment of different ethnic groups in the world, the study of different ethnic groups in the world shows that sitting position is the most scientific, standing posture second, squatting the most unsuitable.
Anteprandial drink soup
Before the first drink a small amount of soup, like prepare before exercise activity, can make whole digestive organ activity, make the digestive gland to secrete enough digestive juices, ready for eating, of course, in between meals can also be appropriate to drink a litt
Scientists believe that lowering body temperature is the path to lon
Eat cold food and swim, wash cold water bath same, can make the body heat balance, can have the effect that reduces body temperature to a certain extent, extend cell life, because of person constitution and decide.
Good bear food
Bitter food not only contains inorganic compounds, alkaloids, etc., but also contains certain sugars, amino acids, etc.
The amino acids in bitter foods are essential for human growth and health and longevity.
Bitter food can also regulate nervous system function and relieve the bad mood caused by fatigue and boredom.
Since morning drink water
After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of cold water, which is beneficial to liver, kidney metabolism and lower blood pressure, to prevent heart attack, some people call it “resurrection water”.
Concerned expert thinks, the person after a few hours of sleep, the digestive tract is emptying, morning drink a cup of cold water, can quickly be absorbed into the blood circulation, dilute the blood, of different organs in the body is equal to “wash” at a time.
Pay attention to the health of drinking water. Water is the source of li
Don’t drink until you’re thirsty.
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