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APART 💔 FITNESS MOTIVATION 2019 NOT SUBSCRIBED? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?! JOIN THE FAMILY! – Track: NEFFEX – TORN APART Listen To The Original: ———————- MOTIVATHLETE ———————- • The whole video & edit made by Motivathlete. ⚠ SUBSCRIBE – so you don’t miss out on any motivation! ⚠ SHARE the video if you enjoyed…

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What’s new in the fitness and nutrition world from research to foods and exercise. 1) FDA thinking about banning plant based milks. 2) Your exercise classes hurting your hearing? 3) Baby carrots washed in chlorine 4) Alcohol dangerous to consume? #fitnessnews #nutritionnews #paleexercise Music Vexento “All night” “Strobe” “Banana Breeze” Jim Yosef “Lights” What is…

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