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Here’s an example of a class lecture for the SHOW UP FITNESS ONLINE personal training internship. Videos are released 4-7x a week beginning every Tuesday. Videos range between 15-45-minutes reviewing lectures, exclusive demonstrations on how to train, shadowing of actual personal training sessions, assessments, sales, nutrition and much much more. In today’s video Show Up…

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GET THIS WORKOUT ►►► UNCUT FULL LENGTH VIDEO AVAILABLE: MUSIC PLAYLIST FOR WORKOUT: @AXFIT Instagram ►►► ► Newsletter: Client Difficulty: 8/10 Duration: 55 Minutes Group Size: 2-100 Workout Categories: Heavy Weight, Strength, Cardio, Endurance, Partner, Abs & Core, Full-Body Terrain: All-Terrain Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Heavy Dumbbells, Pylons *number of dumbbells needed will depend on your…

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