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Not having access to a gym can be a very convenient excuse not to workout.

Believe me I know because I’ve used it.

I used to treat vacations as what I thought was an opportunity to go crazy with my diet. I ate all the stuff I thought I was “missing out on” and used the excuse that a gym wasn’t available so I couldn’t exercise.

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Partial transcript:
Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of FAB Fit Friday. Today we’re going to be talking about my top three exercises that you can perform anywhere, no gym required, no weights required. I’ve been on the road a lot lately. I’ve been out camping, I’ve been staying in hotels and there’s not always a gym available. Even if you’re at a hotel, oftentimes the hotel gym isn’t exactly adequate, so I’ve had to come with ways to make sure that I stay on my exercise plan and I’m able to continue to train the way I like to train, even when I’m traveling because when you think about it, if we’re going to create this as a lifestyle, something that we do for the rest of our life, we can’t have those excuses. We can’t be saying to ourselves, “You know what? I’m traveling. I’m on vacation. I’m not going to take care of myself.” I’m a huge proponent of working out in gyms. There’s something really critical about getting yourself out of the house, getting to the gym, and being around other people, other sisters in fitness that are doing the exact same thing that you are and have the exact same goals that you do. But while I’m a huge proponent of working out in the gym, not all of us can do that all the time. Some of us live in rural areas, and others, just for financial reasons, maybe we can’t afford a gym right now. Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So today I’m going to share with you my little secrets to getting a workout when you don’t have any weights or when you don’t have a gym. First and foremost, my favorite piece of home equipment, no weights required, are exercise bands. I love these puppies. You can get a full body workout, exercise every muscle in your body, just with exercise bands and, I tell you, it’s an awesome workout. I was shooting some video for FAB University, the home workout plan, and, I’ll tell you what, I was exhausted after shooting that video. I was sweating like crazy. These things are fantastic. These bands–they’re called Bollinger bands–I particularly like these. We got these to go on a camping trip so that we can continue to work out, and I think we found these at Fred Meyer, if I remember correctly. They’ve got these little clippies on there so you can unclip the straps and it comes with different resistance straps. They have light, medium, and heavy, so you can actually clip on multiple straps as you continue to get stronger with your workouts. Then you can also double up on the strap so there’s all sorts of exercises that you can do with these bands. I love these puppies, use them extensively. They’re fantastic. The other piece of home equipment that is totally essential and all of you have this in your home are–hold on. Jugs. Get your mind out of the gutter. You can take almost any container, fill it up with water, and you’ve got an instant weight set. Like I said before, I was shooting some home workout exercises for FAB University and I was doing shoulder presses with these puppies. I was exhausted by the time I got done. This works great. You can take a water container just like this, like $2 at the department store, or just even use a normal dishwasher detergent container, fill it up with water, and you’ve got a great set of weights that you can use to get an awesome weight workout. The third piece of equipment that I recommend that most of us have in our household is a backpack. This puppy is fantastic. You take that same water jug, put it in this backpack, strap it to your back, and you have extra resistance to do your lunges, your step ups, any of your leg workouts, even if you get into pushups and you’re really getting strong, which I’m not quite yet but getting there.

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