High Protein Foods: Grocery Store Shopping With A Fitness Model

High Protein Foods: Grocery Store Shopping With A Fitness Model

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In this video, Fitness Model Troy Adashun takes you on a trip to the local grocery store to pick out the best high protein foods. Foods high in protein are a vital part to any bodybuilding diet, and he is going to help you select food high in protein at your local grocery store.

Foods high in protein serve dual purposes as they help you build muscle and burn fat. It is really important to incorporate as many foods high in protein as possible into your diet to get a wide range of amino acids and muscle-building protein.

Troy shows you his favorite protein-rich foods at his local grocery store and gives you a nice list of high protein foods that you can take to your local grocery store to help you with your protein shopping!

Let’s dive into the list of high protein foods.

Foods High In Protein: High Protein Food List

5:53 – Fat-Free Chicken Breasts

Out of all the protein-rich foods, fat-free chicken breasts may be the most popular bodybuilding staple on this list.

Chicken breasts are one of the best high protein foods because they are really lean and they provide you with tons of high-quality protein.

7:54 – Lean Ground Beef (90 percent or more)

We all know that beef is one of the best high protein foods, but you have to be careful of the fat content. That is why you should pick out lean ground beef that is 90 percent or more lean. Lean ground beef is a perfect choice for protein-rich foods.

7:42 – Ground Bison/Grass-Fed Beef

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you should enjoy some ground bison or grass-fed beef. These are one of the best protein-rich foods because they are both high in zinc and muscle-building creatine. Out of all the foods high in protein on the list, grass-fed beef or bison may be the best muscle builder because of the great array of amino acids, zinc, and creatine.

8:11 – Fat-Free Turkey

Fat-free turkey is an excellent high protein food. This stuff is pure protein and is so easy to make. If you want an easy and convenient food high in protein that will help you pack on muscle mass, you should make sure to pick up some fat-free turkey. Both fat-free deli turkey and fat-free ground turkey are excellent high protein foods.

0:51 – Egg Whites/Egg Beaters

Egg whites and egg beaters are great choices. They should be on your grocery store list of high protein foods because they make the perfect choice for breakfast and an anytime muscle-building snack.

Additional High Protein Foods List:

8:42 – All Kinds of Fish (Tilapia, Salmon, Trout, Swai, any white fish)

Pork Chops (Make sure to trim the fat)

1:34 – Fat Free Greek Yogurt

1:09 – Cottage Cheese

That should give you a great list of food high in protein! Make sure to check out the video to watch Troy pick out high protein foods at his local grocery store!

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