Fitness Industry Trends with Jean Scott, Personal Trainer | #TALKINGTRENDS EP 7

Fitness Industry Trends with Jean Scott, Personal Trainer  | #TALKINGTRENDS EP 7

Chantal Brodrick is joined by Jean Scott, one of Christchurch New Zealand’s best known personal trainers.

Topics Included:

1. The rise of fitness boutique gyms in both New Zealand, Australia and the US.
2. Popularity of F45
3. The importance of gyms and fitness clubs to provide access to people who may not be able to afford memberships
4. a Place where Clubs Do Social Good

About Jean Scott:

Jean is one of Christchurch’s best known and most experienced personal trainers. She is a leading group fitness instructor at Les Mills specialising in RPM and Pump and runs her own successful personal training business from her home.

Jean was a finalist in Lifefitness’ 2013 Personal Trainers to Watch and a finalist 2012 in the NEXT women of year (NZ sports category). She also won the NZ group fitness instructor of the year in 2011 and won the special REPs award for contribution to professionalism and standards to add to her 2005 Personal Trainer of the year award.


FitEx 2019
November 22 – 24, 2019 Auckland

Gymtopia (Where Clubs Do Social Good)

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