EXCITING NEWS (and Thanksgiving Special!) – Cat Lady Fitness / True Health Trifecta

EXCITING NEWS (and Thanksgiving Special!) – Cat Lady Fitness / True Health Trifecta

THANKSGIVING SPECIALS!! Get 30% off ALL apparel and accessories in the CatLadyFitness.com/shop – just enter PURRKEY17 code at checkout 😊

For 50% my e-book versions of The Grocery Store Tour Guide & Nutritional Workbook, and The Plant-Based Protein Bar Recipe book, go to TrueHealthTrifecta.com/guides-books and click on β€œBuy the E-Book” buttons – the discount will be applied automatically!

For my Holistic Fitness Jumpstart Program $7 sale, also go to TrueHealthTrifecta.com/guides-books and click on the icon for the program – the discount for this will be applied automatically at checkout!

**All of the above specials are only available until 11:59PM EST on Monday, November 27!**

Unfortunately, my best-selling Holistic Fitness Starter Guide and Workbook into Wellness are only available in their printed versions right now, but you can find those at Amazon.com or any major bookstore online 😊

Get your FREE STRESS RELIEF GUIDE to prepare for the 30 Day Video Series here:

Thank you so much for supporting me and my channel and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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