Dietician Dietitian Nutritionist in Mumbai Geetanjali Ahuja (Mengi)

Dietician Dietitian Nutritionist in Mumbai Geetanjali Ahuja (Mengi)

Geetanjali Medical Nutrition clinic is a renowned diet clinic established with the goal of preventive health care in the medical and Fitness Fraternity.

It was set up with its unique idea of addressing to the needs of the society in most metros as well as rural areas, where diseases and disorders are rampant.

Gmn clinic functions with various well qualified and experienced dieticians under the guidance of the mentor senior registered dietician Mrs. Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi (13+ years of expertise)

We are providing various programs by offereing given below services to each and every client-

FOOD REMINDER ALERT- Periodic message ALERT to remind you What to Eat, When to eat, & how much to Eat

What’s App- 24 x 7 Dietician Remote Assistance and Discussion.

E clinic- Remote assistance and discussion over the internet.

Diet Tools- Portions and proportions measuring kit.

Lifelong Membership- to the Right Healthy and Body forum.

Body Composition- Doing Assessment like Height, weight. Ideal Body weight, Body composition analysis, Body mass, Bone mass, Fat mass, Visceral fat rating, Basal metabolic rate, Waist measurement, WHR Ratio, Girth measurement.

Food Guide- Resturant Guide, Liquor Guide , Eat out Do’s & Dont’s .

Activites- If Required

Recipes- latest, old Recipes.

Lose weight & Win- Gifts, Hampers, Coupons.

Other Diet Plans- Party Diet, Traveller diet, Fast diet, Festival diet etc

Examine- Medical History and life style

Our Specialization

Weight Loss Diet Program
Manage Obesity
Diet for Thyroid disorders
Healthy Diabetic Diet Counseling
Weight Gain Diet Counseling
Slim & sleek Diet
Diet to boost immunity
Diet in Gastrointestinal diseases
Diet for special Population
Pre Wedding for body shape & Skin glowing
Anti-Ageing diet
Diet for Sports and fitness
Healthy Heart Diet
Diet for bone strengthening
Diet for cancer patients
Nutrition for Kids/ School going Children
Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure)
Kidney Disease / Renal Diet (Chronic Kidney Disease, Acute Kidney Disease, Post-Transplant Care)
Liver Disease (Jaundice, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis)
Dyslipidemia (Altered Cholesterol Profile)
Diet Counseling
Diet Therapy
Behavioral Nutrition
Functional Nutrition
Ketogenic diet
Sports nutrition
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Therapeutic diets
Guidance Lifestyle
Nutritional education
Weight Management Counseling
one time consultancy
Quick weight loss Program
If are looking for a diet to lose weight or an online weight loss diet program, then do register with Dietician Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi, and she would help you with her programs and healthy diet. She provides personalised diet charts for services like: Natural Weight Loss, Fat / Inch Loss , Ketogenic Diet , Healthy Weight Gain Diets , PCOD & PCOS Diets , Healthy Diabetes Diet , Thyroid Diets, Healthy Heart Diets and other disease management.


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