Breaking News – London fitness blogger Chessie King exposes ‘real’ pictures

Breaking News – London fitness blogger Chessie King exposes ‘real’ pictures

A body confidence blogger has exposed just how much good angles and lighting can alter your appearance, to challenge the notion that women are ‘Barbie dolls who look insanely good 24/7’.Chessie King, 25, from London, who boasts 350k followers, took to Instagram to share a series of ‘realistic’ self portraits.In honest pictures picked up by Bored Panda, the fitness fanatic showed off her body in a variety of poses, to prove that a flat stomach or an enviably pert derriere is often simply a matter of working your camera angles.Sharing a series of ‘Instagram versus reality’ snaps, she highlighted the importance of not believing everything you see on social media – revealing how she made herself miserable in her former pursuit of perfection.Sharing her thoughts alongside the snaps, she wrote: ‘A few years ago I would never have posted this, all I cared about back then was being the leanest I could, going to the gym as many times as I could a week and counting every calorie I ate.’Even at my smallest, when I was training the most & eating the least, I just wanted to cover up my body because it wasn’t my idea of “perfect”.’Now my priority is to be happy and comfortable in my own skin, and today I appreciate my body and what it does for me.’We were not made to be Barbie dolls who look insanely good 24/7, we were made to be human and we should all be allowed to feel insanely good 24/7.
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