What A Fitness Model Eats In A Day | Ft. Rob Riches

What A Fitness Model Eats In A Day | Ft. Rob Riches

When to eat – what to eat – and the macros of every meal to stay lean and ripped 365 days a year, yet still fuel powerful workouts & performance.

That’s what today’s video is all about.

Rob Riches is going to take you through LA today and break down exactly what a fitness model eats in a day to stay lean and ripped all year round.

If you want to eat for success, here’s exactly how to do it!

This is What A Fitness Model Eats In A Day!

Let’s Get To It!

Step #1: Fasted H.I.I.T. Cardio & Abs w/ 2 caps of Blade® in the morning, on an empty stomach. Followed up with Iso-Smooth™ for recovery post-workout.

Meal #1 – 8:00am – Eggs & Oats
– 1 Scoop Iso-Smooth™
– 5 Egg Whites
– 60g Quick Cook Oats
– 20g Almond Butter
Cals – 572 [P-54g C-48g F-18g]

Meal #2 – 11:00am – Chicken & Rice
– 210g Chicken Breast
– 35g Brown Rice
– 3g Flaxseed Oil
– Mixed Salad
Cals – 493 [P-53g C-30g F-18g]

Meal #3 – 2:30pm – Chicken & Rice (Post-Workout)
– 1 Scoop Post-Factor™
– 170g Chicken Breast
– 35g Brown Rice
– Mixed Salad
Cals – 783 [P-78g C-77g F-18g]

Meal #4 – 7:00pm – Chicken & Beans
– 170g Chicken Breast
– 150g Red Kidney Beans
– 70g Avocado
– Mixed Salad
Cals – 478 [P-52g C-29g F-17g]

Meal #5 – 10:00pm – Protein Pancakes
– 1 Scoop Iso-Smooth™
– 3 Egg Whites
– 20g Almond Butter
– 60g Apple Sauce
Cals – 388 [P-28g C-12g F-12g]

Finish off night taking GH-Peak™ before going to bed to ensure deep sleep and enhanced recovery.

Daily Total:
Cals – 2,715 [P-265g C-196g F-83g]

And there you have it!

Follow this day’s eating, switching out protein or carb sources every few days for variety and you will be eating in a way that allows you to build lean muscle, and burn stubborn body fat, to transform your body and achieve the physique you desire and deserve, faster than you ever thought possible!


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