The Hooping Life

The Hooping Life

Hula-hooping is back. The Hooping Life is about the rise of a hot new trend. Life inside the hoop’s about your body, your soul, your art and your heart. Featuring Shaq O’Neal, The String Cheese Incident, The Scissor Sisters, and a score by Basement Jaxx, that captures the free-spirited nature of The Hooping Life. The film follows seven hoopers – Tisha, the daughter of a drug-dealer, creates a hoop program in South Central, LA, to keep kids off the streets taking in her parentless student Jeffery. Karis survives the gang-ridden streets of LA to become an explosive trans gendered performer. Baxter, the son of a southern Bible belt preacher, overcomes suicidal depression by hooping and turns his ‘Hoop Path’ into a spiritual practice followed by thousands. Sandy (aka Sass),South Africa’s first black television star, fire-hoops away the trauma of a brutal rape. Big personalities collide as the divas of the movement, Christabel (aka HoopGirl) and Anah (aka Hoopalicious) team-up for a blockbuster international tour. From the street to the club to the arena, the film alternates between self-filmed video diaries, verité documentary footage and spectacularly filmed performances. Filmed over six years and with an appearance by late hoop-promoter and TV personality Art Linkletter, The Hooping Life’s about sultry dance, cool culture, slammin’ clothes, outer struggle and inner peace.

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