Santa Barbara Grand Prix Fitness Competition by Global Physique

Santa Barbara Grand Prix Fitness Competition by Global Physique

Experience the excitement of Global Physique’s Santa Barbara Grand Prix Fitness Competiton! Competitors included Santa Barbara locals as well as competitors from across the country and some international athletes with special guests and judges.

Presented by BMR Sports Nutrition & Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery

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Video filmed & edited by Brian Peddicord of Created in Santa Barbara
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Additional footage by Josh Rosenkrantz

Divisions included:

-Fitness Bikini Divisions
-Mens Bodybuilding Divisions
-Fitness Figure Divisions
-Classic Physique Divisions
-Female Fitness Model
-Male Fitness Model

Competition results:

Teen Bodybuilding
1st Burke McComb
2nd Jorge Beas Rosas
3rd Alfredo Cavazos
4th Joel Robles
5th Jorge Garcia
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters: (All Classes)
1st Mo Hayes
2nd Troy Stark

Men’s Bodybuilding Open: (All Classes)
1st Brian Hofer
2nd Mo Hayes
3rd Todd Rabolini
4th Troy Stark
Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Winner Brian Hofer
Classic Physique Masters: 35 +
1st Edward Laflamme
2nd Jay Campbell
3rd Jason Crisenberry
4th Carlos Gomez
Classic Physique Open: Up To 5’10″

1st Sean Mortland
2nd Burke McComb
3rd Rene Kurdi
4th Joel Robles
Classic Physique Open: 5’10″ and Over

1st Art Grichine
2nd Jacob Isvak
3rd Robert Norton
4th Justin Galvan
Classic Physique Overall Winner Art Grichine
Fitness Bikini Masters: 35+
1st Nichole Gomez
2nd Monica Diaz
Fitness Bikini Open: Up To 5’6″
1st Courtney Sprawls
2nd Whitney George

3rd Maria Hintog

4th Michelle Rotondo
5th Taryn Cios
Fitness Bikini Open: 5’6″ and Up
1st Jennifer Borchert
2nd Heather Paul
3rd Hannah Goodfield
4th Bessie Signorelli
5th Jayne Sigman
Fitness Bikini Overall Winner Jennifer Borchert
Fitness Figure Masters: 35+
1st Monica Diaz Petersen
2. Sally Loshelder
3. Yvonne Blanco
Fitness Figure Open: (All Classes)
1st Jenn Kelly
2nd Sally Loshelder
Fitness Figure Overall Winner Monica Diaz
Men’s Physique: Masters 35+
1st Jay Campbell
2nd Edward Laflamme
3rd Mark Loshelder
4th Jason Crisenberry
5th Carlos Gomez
Men’s Physique: Open (All Classes)
1st Abdul Bakhaya
2nd Sean Mortland
3rd Mark Loshelder
4th Kyle Peete
Male Fitness Model
1st Sean Mortland
2nd Jay Campbell
3rd Edward Laflamme
Female Fitness Model

1st Hannah Goodfield
2nd Monica Diaz
3rd Crystal Padilla
4th Whitney George
5th Meagan Michalko

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