Miyagi Fitness Personal Trainers: Coach Tara Culic

Miyagi Fitness Personal Trainers: Coach Tara Culic

In this video, we talk to personal trainer and coach, Tara Culic, about her experience with Miyagi through our Personal Training programs. APPLY today at

In business, there is no greater compliment than when your clients give you a testimony about how you have impacted their life in a powerful way…

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching! If you think you have what it takes to be a Miyagi Trainer, apply now on our careers page.

For more information on how you can get started, email us at info@miyagi.fitness.

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Miyagi was founded to help every day Australians become THE BEST VERSION of themselves. Through our comprehensive Personal Training programs, we teach our clients:

– How to assess their capacity
– How to create the body they have always wanted
– How to fast track their fat loss
– How to fast track their muscle gain
– How to eat for their body type
– How to live and still progress towards their version of perfection

Our Personal Training programs are THE most comprehensive and involved programs of it’s kind. They are NOT for everyone. They are for individuals who are SERIOUS about their health and committed to change.

The most IMPORTANT thing we teach our clients, is how to find balance and still progress towards their goals without sacrificing their social life!

Our “why” is to have a MASSIVE and POWERFUL impact on the lives of every client we train so that they can then create a LEGACY of health and fitness for their families.

If this sounds like what you want and need, APPLY today at

For more information on our Personal Training Mentoring program, you can contact us on info@miyagi.fitness today to find out how we can help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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