LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward – bodybuilding, diet, and fitness tips

LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward – bodybuilding, diet, and fitness tips

Every Friday at 3:30 PM EST Lee Hayward hosts a live video chat discussing strategies and mindsets to help men over 40 build muscle, lose fat, and get back in shape.

Here are the time stamps for the topics covered during the video chat:

02:57 – Addressing the unicorn in the room… Why is Lee wearing glasses?

05:49 – Why are my hands getting weaker from training with Heavy Grips Hand Grippers?

09:02 – How do you fix anterior pelvic tilt?

10:36 – Is benching twice a week better than benching once a week?

14:05 – What are the benefits of multivitamins in terms of bodybuilding?

16:49 – Which supplements you take on a daily basis and if you had to pick only three which would they be?

22:43 – Instead of mixing creatine in a drink, can you just dump the powder in your mouth and gulp it down with water? I want maximum effects to become powerful.

25:08 – I am at a loss with my workout and my eating plan, any advice would be grateful.

26:57 – How could I incorporate positions of flexion into a full-body routine without it being too long of a workout?

29:33 – Overview of my current workout program that I’m following now.

33:14 – How do you deal with sugar cravings?

37:15 – I put honey in my oatmeal. Is that good or bad?

38:35 – I finished my bulking phase, I’m starting a new program to get lean for the summer. I’m going to lift one day, do cardio the next. How many times should I do abs with this split?

40:32 – What’s the best breakfast for losing fat?

43:26 – Should I do abs on a bulk?

44:17 – Using the “Ask Lee” contact feature in the Total Fitness Bodybuilding App.

45:00 – Will you be at the up and coming IDEA Convention?

46:36 – I wanted to buy heavy grips hand grippers. I already have the grippers, I just need the program(s). Are they for sale?

47:13 – Do you still use the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) Bands?

49:38 – I’m 638 pounds, what should I do? (HELP)

51:13 – I recently lost 80lbs, I did this by lowering my carbs real low but you want to build muscle. Should I reintroduce carbs? I’m scared I’ll gain fat.

54:20 – What’s your take on belonging to multiple gym companies at once? Is this excessive in your opinion? I kind of need a change of habit, have you done this before?

57:50 – How many pull-ups can you do? My best is 26.

01:00:26 – What’s your viewpoint on Hydroxycut and fat burners in general?

01:02:22 – How did you injure your biceps, how much did you curl before the injury and how much strength have you lost?

01:06:38 – Do you recommend straight sets with same weight short of failure or to failure or pyramid sets/reverse pyramids?

01:09:43 – I’m following you for a while now. When it comes to adding huge mass as a natural, what is the best way to go about it?

If you’d like to chat about your workouts, need some help with your nutrition program, or have any questions about building muscle, losing fat, injury prevention, etc… Just send me an e-mail to:

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