Intensity & Mindset – Bodybuilding Competition 10 weeks out

Intensity & Mindset – Bodybuilding Competition 10 weeks out

Check out one month weekly fat loss progress photos! Measurement and body fat, Diet, Mindset philosophy, Intensity in Weight lifting exercise, Fitness Motivation, intermittent fasting meal, Final Butt Challenge Results, and weekly update.

See my front and side pose pics week by week for the last 4 weeks. Dropping 1lb a week is realistic while trying to maintain most of your muscle mass. I started at 150lbs and dropped to 145.5lbs. 18% body fat to 14.8% body fat.

Workout exercises includes:
– One Leg Bench Squat / Bulgarian Squat
– Leg Press Glute Kickback
– Leg extensions
– One Leg Glute Dumbbell Bridge
– Leaning Bent Over Adductor
– Kneeling Single Leg Ham Curl
– Modified Weighted Dip

30 Day Butt Challengers – (START TIME 4:40)

Final results are in! Ryan Anthony, personal trainer at Equinox gym and Rose, Thai boxer and Zumba instructor. Ryan is clearly ahead with a winning measurement of growing 2.5 inches on his butt in one month! He’s been dedicated to the hip thrusts. Rose had issues finding space and room to perform them so she hasn’t been as consistent. She’s lost 1 inch on her butt width. I am dieting down and could have done more hip thrusts… unfortunately, I also lost some size – .5 inches in butt width.

Please VOTE for the winners in the comments as we select 10 random judges (mix of trainers and gym goers) and announce winners on Wed, Sept 24.

Next WED: My Daily and Weekly regimen. Weekly progress update, diet change.

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Follow my 14 week weight loss transformation and bodybuilding competition prep. Diet, intermittent fasting, diet tips, workout, cardio, 30 day butt transformation, ab workout, weight lifting, heavy lifting, squats, hip thrusts, food preparation, mindset, bodybuilding motivation, etc.

Watch as I start at 150lbs, 18% body fat at a height of 5’6 and drop down to below 10% body fat to compete on stage!

I placed 5th in my first show and won a trophy 😉 Goal is to place in top 3 to qualify for nationals! Winning at nationals means I’ll become a Pro bodybuilder and get to compete in the Olympia, “Olympics” for bodybuilders.

Hi I’m Mimi! My goal is to help you discover new ideas & strategies to apply to your own eating and fitness goals.

EAT Not Diet is a “no one diet works for all” philosophy-driven resource that guides clients to explore their own unique strategy to eat for life. Diets are broken!

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