How I Lost 30lbs In 12 Weeks without Suffering | Thermo Diet Fitness Transformation

How I Lost 30lbs In 12 Weeks without Suffering | Thermo Diet Fitness Transformation

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In today’s video I want to get into a lot of the details about my 12 week transformation of going from 225lbs down to 195 lbs and a 33″ waist, much leaner. This 90 day transformation was made even easier due to the fact that the way I was eating and thinking was fun, it made things sustainable and enjoyable since this was focused on making long lasting habit change and not just a quick fad.

A lot of people are looking to create a weight loss journey of their own, however they follow all the wrong fads, cutting out macronutrient groups, becoming highly nutrient deficient, and highly stressed, which makes for a recipe for disaster since all of those things will inevitably lead to you resuming your old bad habits.

The first major thing I did on my 12 weeks transformation, even before the nutritional element, was getting my mind right. You need to tell yourself this is going to be easy. Don’t overcomplicate it. Then you need to adopt the habits and mindset of the version of yourself who has already completed the transformation.

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