High Protein & Low Carb Bodybuilding Meal (Chicken Salad)

High Protein & Low Carb Bodybuilding Meal (Chicken Salad)

Looking for a quick & easy meal idea? Try this chicken salad.

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When it comes to successfully sticking to your bodybuilding nutrition plan, it helps to have some quick and healthy meal options ready to go in a moments notice… Think of it as “Bodybuilding Fast Food”.

One of my favorite go to meals is a garden salad with chicken breast. Now of course you could make your own garden salad, wash and chop the veggies, mix them up, cook the chicken, chop it up, mix it all together, etc.

But there is a “short-cut” that you can take to prepare the same meal in literally 2 minutes flat.

Most grocery stores will sell pre-made fresh garden salads, and you can get cans of pre-cooked chicken breast. Simply mix up the salad with a can of chicken and you have an instant high protein, low carb, high nutrient bodybuilding meal.

The chicken and salad by itself would be an ideal low carb fat loss meal. Or you could have it with a side of rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. for a healthy high protein & high carb “bulking meal”.

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