FIT FRIDAYS with S&S HULA HOOP Fitness with Getti Kehayova

FIT FRIDAYS with S&S HULA HOOP Fitness with Getti Kehayova

She’s THE Guinness World Record Holder in HOOPING!

Learn more about the fearless, fabulous Getti here:

Classes are Saturdays at BODYSPORT first class FREE and only $5 there after!

Cute hooping outfits by ATHLETA!

I’m Angelique! Workout with Me & the Best Trainers in the Hottest Gyms and Studios in Las Vegas!

I Love to workout, but just like you – I need motivation and someone incredible to tell me what to do!

So I created Shred and Sparkle. A hub of the best fitness trainers in the industry right here in the sizzling sin city of Las Vegas.
With so many athletes, dancers, performers, gymnasts and gym rats, there is no shortage of Fitness Pros.
So join the Shred and Sparkle community and Subscribe, Follow, and Like and lets workout together as I highlight the best trainers and their techniques just for us! We’ll dance, kick box, HITT, Yoga, PiYo, and strength train using our own body weight. We’ll even work out UFC style!

If your are wondering where my cute workout clothes are from; they are ATHLETA! My Sponsor!

Shred and Sparkle is also featured bi-weekly Friday mornings on KVVU FOX5 The MORE SHOW!

FIT FRIDAY’S with Shred and Sparkle is sponsored by THE LAS VEGAS RAIDERS!

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