Dirty Rice | RV Cooking & Healthy RV Recipes #17

Dirty Rice | RV Cooking & Healthy RV Recipes #17

Watch Christine Irene whip up some dirty rice while boon docking in the Grand Tetons in this episode of RV Cooking with the 17th healthy RV recipe. Enjoy! Full Recipe āž”

Dirty rice is Cajun/Creole classic made with white rice, onion, green bell pepper, celery, spices, and meat (either pork, beef, or chicken). Traditionally, the rice gets its dirty color from diced chicken livers. In my recipe I skip the chicken liver and use ground beef along with plenty of seasonings to give a fantastic color to the white rice.
I usually cook with lean ground beef, however, the store that I was shopping at wasn’t offering any so I went ahead and used the 85% lean that was available to me. The higher fat content actually does make a tastier dish, you just need to be more aware of your overall fat consumption throughout the day to stay within your goal. Since I am tracking the macros in this dish I left the rendered fat in the dish to sautĆ© the vegetables and mix in with the rice. If you are not tracking macros or calories feel free to remove excess fat from the pan before adding in your vegetables.
I used to make this dish often when I was food prepping for my corporate gig. It is really a quick, one-skillet meal that is packed with flavor. It is also very easy to adjust the rice and meat ratio if you are trying to be lower carb, higher carb, or higher protein.
I do recommend making your own Cajun blend for the seasoning mix using some staple spices from your spice cabinet. If you do use a preblended Cajun mix from the store, just check whether it has salt in it or not. If it does, wait till the end of the recipe to give it a taste test and add more in if needed. For those that don’t, you will want to add in salt on the front end along with the spice mix.
Hopefully at some point in your life you can find an opportunity to experience New Orleans and enjoy authentic Cajun food. In the meantime, travel vicariously through some homemade recipes. If you want another recipe to put your Cajun spice to work check out my Cajun Chicken with Sour Cream Sauce!

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