Brisbane-based dietitian Leanne Ward shares tips to beat bloating

Brisbane-based dietitian Leanne Ward shares tips to beat bloating

Like it or not, bloating is a fact of life for many of us.After a heavy meal, alcohol or a quick dinner, our bodies can look and feel entirely different to how they did just moments before – and the worst part is, you might not even realise why.Recently, Brisbane-based dietitian, Leanne Ward, took a look at the issue on her blog – as she shared her simple tips to fuelling your digestion and beating the bloat for good.The first thing you should think about if you want to beat bloating is clearing up your diet in a general sense: ‘I find in 50 per cent of my patients, just removing things like excessive caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks and fatty takeaways can make the world of difference to most people’s symptoms,’ Leanne explained in a blog post.’If your diet is high in processed foods and low in salad and vegetables, this could be a good place to start.’ She also recommends eating solid, regular meals, rather than ‘constantly grazing’ through the day.When you eat, Leanne said it’s useful to chew things slowly and properly, as if you gulp too quickly, you’re more likely to take in air and therefore get bloated.One tip not so many people might be familiar with is drinking from a glass, rather than through a straw: ‘Using a straw can draw in more air and create more gas – it also causes you to drink faster,’ Leanne wrote.She also said it’s a good idea to limit your portions of fruit to two a day, as the simple sugars can be ‘poorly digested’.Meanwhile, eat the correct amount of five servings of vegetables each day, reduce your intake of resistant starches like cooled pasta and potato, chickpeas and ripe bananas, and cut down on carbonated drinks.’Try rolled oats, chia seeds and golden linseeds in your breakfast – these may also help with symptoms of wind and bloating,’ she said – adding that peppermint tea is a great de-bloater.You could also reduce your portion sizes, increase your exercise and try live ‘probiotic’ yoghurts, supplements or fermented milk drinks.Recently speaking with FEMAIL, Leanne busted the biggest fitness and diet myths so many think are true.According to Leanne, who works as a clinical dietitian and sports dietitian in Brisbane, the health industry can often be confusing for men and women: ‘Healthy doesn’t mean calorie counting, excessively exercising or weighing yourself daily,’ she told FEMAIL.’Healthy looks different on everyone, so my goal is to teach people – especially women – to love their bodies, to nourish them and to move them regularly.’ The 28-year-old added that she believes when you’re eating ‘wholesome, nutritious foods, your body will tell you when you’ve had enough’.Leanne shares this message on her Instagram profile, but also illustrates ideas around balance with what you eat – or the fact that one takeaway meal will not make you fat.For Leanne, who works full-time as a dietitian and has a Bachelor of Health Science degree, alongside a Masters of Dietetics and Certificate in Public Health, the biggest nutri

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