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Bikini & Figure Competition | Fit Mom |  How to Select Your Suit For 7 days of FREE workouts & recipes, join me for BeyondFit’s Eat Clean, Train Lean Jump Start! It’s time to burn fat and get your body back (and it’s FREE!):

Choosing a posing suit or bikini for a fitness competition is first and foremost a strategic decision that will influence how your physique is perceived by the judges and the audience.

When choosing a posing suit or bikini you must first know the rules of your organization. Some only allow black for the pre-judging, while others may allow any color. For the final round, the competitor has more options in color, but certain materials or decorations may not be allowed. The width of the bikini bottom is also subject to rules. In some organizations a tanga bottom is permitted, where as others require the bottoms to cover at least three-quarters (3/4) of the gluteus maximus.

I’m competing in the NPC Gold’s Classic which requires 50% glute coverage.

Color is another important factor to consider… Light colors are easily stained by the stage suntan products. Neon colors definitely make you stand out, but the extreme brightness itself can be a drawback.

My goal in selecting a suit was to find something FUN and something that blends better with my skin tone and doesn’t distract from my physique. Ultimately, your goal is to choose a posing suit or bikini that compliments the best qualities of your physique and skin tone without distracting the judges from what is most important — the results of all your hard work sculpting that beautiful, strong fit physique! 🙂

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