Batman Training Begins: From Beginner to Super Functional Training

Batman Training Begins: From Beginner to Super Functional Training

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I’ve made Batman training and Nightwing training videos in the past, but those are aimed at experienced trainees. If you’re just starting out, or if your current training program is lacking, this video is for you!

The aim of this channel is to help you become ‘super functional’. That means to be able to do things you will likely never need to do! Because it’s awesome… Hence all these Batman training videos, using the Dark Knight as the perfect example of a fictional ‘peak human’.

Super functional training means advanced calisthenics, it means mobility, it means grip strength, etc. If you’ve come from a very static career, or perhaps a training program that focusses purely on ‘mirror muscles’, then you might find that this transition can lead to injury and slow progress.

This is something I’ve experienced myself. I started out training in a bodybuilding style, coupled with lots of martial arts, cycling, and rock climbing. Eventually though, I dropped the martial arts etc. and was left with a purely hypertrophy-centric training regime. While I got big fast, my mobility and overall performance suffered.

To build up to more awesome calisthenics and parkour moves, I’ve had to go back to basics somewhat. Lots of people can benefit from doing the same.

So if you plan on training like Batman, then make sure you do the same: address these fundamentals to strengthen your tendons, restore your lost range of motion, and progress faster than I ever did!

Once you’ve done this for around 2 months, move on to the full Batman training regime.

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