Abs Exercises for Disabled or Wheelchair users

Abs Exercises for Disabled or Wheelchair users

I noticed online that there is only 1 video that can help wheelchair users train their abs! (and even then, the person appears to actually have use of his legs…) SO…

I decided to make this video to try and help you all train your abdominals.

I am a natural bodybuilder that am always looking to improve my knowledge with various training approaches and execution of exercises. Mo Kahn here in this video is wheelchair bound, and has done superbly to perform these exercises for all you fellow wheelchair users!

I hope you have learnt something today, please like and share/ comment. Thanks, Martin Rowlands.

Martin Rowlands, Natural Bodybuilder from Cardiff in South Wales (UK). Follows the High Intensity training principle, used by greats such as Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer and Markus Reinhardt.

Channel is set up to help beginner bodybuilders or other fitness enthusiasts with help and guidance with things that has worked for me personally. No nonsense, just hard factual information. I am a beginner (as mentioned in the video), I have trained for 4 years now but have learnt majority of what I know within the last year.

Video intro created by Katie Peplow (www.katiepeplowdesign.co.uk)
Audio intro created by Jerry Cody (www.cardiffmusicworkshop.com)

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