6 Pack Core Crusher! 55 Minute Workout | Trainers Guide #48

6 Pack Core Crusher! 55 Minute Workout | Trainers Guide #48


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Trainers! It’s all about motivating your crew. Calling them out, complimenting them, letting them know your committed to them for the entire hour. In this workout take the opportunities to show you care. This is a rockstar workout, they are going to be feeling amazing right after and sore the next day. To really stand out as a master trainer take the next step to compliment, instruct, and connect with each and every one of your clients. This workout is a mega ab and core crusher. Each phase includes new exercises and drills that will shock their core and keep them on their toes.

Client Rating: 9/10

Duration: 55 Minutes

Group Size: 3-60

Workout Categories: Abs + Core + Partner + Circuit + Cardio + Fat Burn

Terrain: Indoor + Outdoor

Equipment: BOSU Balls, Resistance Bands, Light Dumbbells, Mats (optional)

Determine the number of positions at each station by taking your class size divided by number of stations. Example: 20 people ÷ 4 stations = 5 positions *round up to account for your growing class*.

Stand out in this workout. Be prepared, be loud, be a leader, be the best trainer in your city. Make it happen!

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