12 Minute Theraband Shoulder & Back Strength Workout

12 Minute Theraband Shoulder & Back Strength Workout

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With many requests recently about how to help shoulder strength I created this video to help you build it up with a theraband. This is a great piece of equipment to use if you really want to target the deep stabilising muscles of the shoulder and upper back.

When you strengthen these muscles you will find better ability to do pushups, full body exercises and even weights because the deeper muscles can support the larger muscles.

I hope this workout helps you – the bonus is you will tone up your arms and shoulders nicely if you do this workout a few times per week with a band that is challenging resistance.

Let me know how you go!

Power to your Core,
Vanessa Bartlett xo
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(low impact, suitable for beginners.)

Suitable for beginners and anyone wanting to decrease stress, boost energy during or after adrenal fatigue, high stress, or for those wanting to balance out existing workout regimes.

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***About Vanessa Bartlett:***

Vanessa Bartlett is a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, health & fitness presenter, author, speaker, with 18 years experience in the industry. She gets people results in health, fitness and lifestyle improvement based on her unique combination of Pilates and holistic mind/body programs.

Her own health setbacks experiencing ‘adrenal fatigue’ have encouraged her to help people around the world get healthy, fit and balanced within their health and their life. Vanessa hit ‘burnout’ by teaching too many exercise classes and running a business in her mid 20’s, prompting her to look at more balanced ways of staying fit and healthy without the high-impact and fast-paced regimes that still plague the fitness industry.

Vanessa is passionate about helping people achieve a healthy, strong and balanced body and overcoming stress and fatigue within busy life, to help avoid hitting that point of ‘burnout’ which is very common with the busy pace of our lives today.

She is a writer, presenter and exercise trainer, helping various clients including females, males and professional athletes achieve a better mind and mind balance. Vanessa has been featured in newspapers and has presented for the Channel 7 Morning Show, TVSN and produced and co-hosted an internet lifestyle show. Vanessa has also received an award for ‘Innovation in Healthcare’ helping clients through meditation and Pilates in partnership with South West Area Health (in Sydney, Australia.)

She loves being a mum to Lincoln and spending quality time with family and friends, always searching for better ways to stay healthy and happy!
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‘Love your body, live your health’

‘Be kind to yourself and where you are at right now with your wellbeing. Everyone is on a different journey and at times you may need to slow, down, re-assess your health and do things a little differently if that’s what your body needs. Focus your health and wellbeing by nourishing your body, mind and spirit and see what can happen.’ Vanessa Bartlett

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