12 Fitness Tips From Leonardo Da Vinci

12 Fitness Tips From Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci, is a complete badass.
Next to drawing the Mona Lisa, which is universally known as one of the best paintings in history.
He also designed prototypes for tanks, and other futuristic war machines.
He intensely studied anatomy, dissecting over 30 bodies by himself.
Next to having his brain muscles on top he also was a great athlete.
His student wrote of him being able to bend a horseshoe with his bare hands.
What an impressive mofo.
I read both his biography and the book that is shown at the beginning of the Italian Job.
Today we talk aboout the fitness tips from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci urged: Learn to preserve your health.
Written in the book is:

To keep in health, these rules are wise:
1. Beware of anger and avoid grievous moods – We all know how anger influences our appearance. How stress makes us unable to sleep and groggy the whole day. Learn to deal with these emotions by applying a stoic mindset.
2. Rest your head and keep your mind cheerful – Life can be extremely serious and dark sometimes. A bad breakup or the loss of your job can be detrimental to your well-being. But it’s in your control to try to see the good in everything. Keep your child-like sense of wonder and happiness.
3. Be covered well at night – This one might be bullshit.
4. Exercise moderately – Notice how Leonardo doesn’t talk about No Pain No Gain and killing yourself in the gym. He talks about a moderate intensity. This makes sure that you’re not doing more harm than good. With a moderate intensity you’re setting a stimulus which your body needs to adapt, but you’re not hurting your body in the long run.
5. Shun wantonness and pay attention to diet – I first had to google what wantonness means. Apparently it’s the pursuit of women. Well, screw that then Leonardo. But I agree with the diet.
6. Eat only when you want and sup light – This is similar to the Japanese eating mantra. Eat only until you’re 80% full.
7. Keep upright when you rise from the dining table – An upright posture during your daily activities can minimize the load on your back. Therefore strongly minimize back pain in the long run.
8. Do not be with the belly upwards or the head lowered – I think this might be bullocks.
9. Let your wine be mixed with water, take a little at a time, not between meals and not on an empty stomach – Screw alcohol altogether. I got enough confidence anyway.
10. Eat simple, aka vegetarian food – My man! What few people know is that Leonardo was actually a vegetarian because of ethical reasons. Yet he still understood, maybe not scientifically how we do today, how a vegetarian diet can reduce the exposure to harmful substances. Such as red meat, which is a known group-1 carcinogen.
11. Chew well – Chewing is a mechanism from your body which is a key factor in determining your satiety. The more you chew, the less hunger you will feel.
12. Go to the toilet regularly – Not to check your hairstyle, but to actually dump a load. And the only way to go the toilet regularly is to eat enough fiber in your diet. Shit, I know people that go to the toilet about once in a month. I don’t want to see your gut from the inside my man.

These were the tips from Leonardo Da Vinci.
Engineer, painter and genius what else can I say.
He was not only way ahead of his time in his inventions, but also in his health tips.

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Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

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